Our Unique Approach

Our approach is fun, inclusive, positive and open


Our unique approach to learning

At the YMCA NT we design robust learning curriculums & activities that aim to meet the holistic learning needs of every child outside school care. Each curriculum is underpinned by our OSHC mission – to inspire a love of learning in children. The core pillars outlined are adapted to meet the unique needs of children in our care and are tailored to each individual school community. We pride ourselves in creating diverse experiences that are inclusive, fun and healthy.

forming healthy physical habits ic
Forming healthy
physical habits

Promoting fun, diverse, group sports and outdoor games that encourage healthy and active longterm habits.


OSHC activity offering (EG):

Outdoor and Indoor sports

forming resiliece ic

Equipping children and families with tools to build positive relationships with themselves and others.


OSHC activity offering (EG):

Family resilience workshops

learning through play creativity ic
through play &

Providing children with fun, play based activities that promotes learning through play.


OSHC activity offering (EG):

Music and singing, painting

learning through connection ic
Learning through

Encouraging healthy social connections that teach children to form healthy social habits with others.


OSHC activity offering (EG):

Dramatic play & team building projects

Inspiring an enduring love of learning in every child

learning through self expression ic
through self-

Encouraging children to explore and better connect with their inner self.


OSHC activity offering (EG):

Arts and crafts

learning through cultural immersion ic
through cultural

Immersing children in multi-cultural experiences. Respecting and learning about First Nations' cultures.


OSHC activity offering (EG):

Traditional cooking, music and dance, language and storytelling immersion

connecting with community environment ic
Connecting with
community &

Sharing local environmental knowledge and encouraging a care and respect for our local environment. Encouraging sustainable mindsets.


OSHC activity offering (EG):

Community gardening and sustainable projects

forming healthy psychological habits ic
Forming healthy

Providing tailored psychology practises to meet individual mental health needs.


OSHC activity offering (EG):

Mentoring and meditative activities

Creating culturally
immersive experiences

Our programs celebrate the heritage of our multicultural communities, including local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Programs and activities are inclusive and designed to reflect the multicultural and multilingual nature of our community.

Our OSHC educators work collaboratively with children, families and your local community to incorporate cultural activities and celebrations of communities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and celebrate our own Australian culture.

Our OSHC teams prepare culturally safe environments and respectful learning spaces, with a purposeful focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives within children’s programs. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives within our programs help shape a deeper understanding of our history and culture in terms of what has been before us, and it supports the identity and culture in indigenous children and their families further enhancing the knowledge of all Australians.

Behavioural Management

Our educators are trained in active supervision and the different developmental stages of children. Challenging behaviour is managed in a socially appropriate manner. Educators help children to make good choices when trying to resolve disagreements with other children and they manage this in a socially respectful manner.

Proactive strategies

Using proactive strategies to minimise the need for behavioural management

Consistency & compassion

Providing consistency & compassion to all children in our care

& dignity

Having regard at all times for the respect, dignity and individual uniqueness of each child.

Community needs

Understanding the unique needs of the school community.

Active supervision

Our OSHC staff are trained in active supervision

Our policies

Quality assurance with all our policies and standards

We take pride in meeting NQF standards through the implementation of our policies across child safety, behavioural management, food preparation, hygiene and inclusion support.