If your child’s booking falls on a public holiday you will not be charged.

If your child falls ill on a booked day your child will be marked as absent and charges will still be applied.

Your child is allowed 42 allowable absences, once you have exceeded that amount CCS will no longer be applied to your account. If you have exceeded the 42 allowable absences you may supply your service with a medical certificate to retain CCS entitlements.

Children attending an OSHC service with a medical condition are individually planned for through partnership’s with families. Documentation of individual needs, medication requirements must be completed prior to attendance.

Children with disabilities are assessed upon their unique individual needs and abilities to attend services safely and supported. Your services will seek support from outside inclusion services when required to obtain additional assistance to include each and every child to the best of their ability. The YMCA NT believes firmly on building partnerships with families to include every child when possible.

Children under 5 years (preschool), 1:11 and children above 5, 1:15

Children are required to bring a water bottle, hats and sun safe clothing. During vacation care periods Children should bring a healthy lunch and a spare change of clothes. Services will inform families of any additional requirements required.

Yes we can, by emailing our accounts administrator (accounts@ynt.org.au) a few simple details, we can certainly give you an estimate before you enrol.

Prices for our Services vary depending on bookings and sessions. All prices can be found through our website.

Any child who is enrolled in preschool and primary can attend our programs.

The YMCA NT can cater for all children’s specific dietary requirements. Through consultation with families we ensure that our services are allergy aware.

Children should not attend any of our programs if they are unwell. If a child becomes unwell while attending our services, caregivers will be notified and asked to collect the child. When any child or staff member is found to be showing signs of any infectious disease:

  • Children’s caregivers will be contacted immediately to collect their child and seek medical advice. Caregivers are expected to arrive in a timely manner. If this is not possible alternate arrangements must be made by the families and carers.
  • For disease published as requiring a doctor’s certificate to clear the child or staff member from the illness, this will be required before that person will be admitted to the program.
  • Clear medical information such as signs or symptoms will be posted in the parent area.

Children must wear sun safe hats for outside play. It is recommended that each child brings from home a wide brimmed, legionnaire or bucket hat. Those children who bring caps will have sunscreen applied to the back of their neck and ears (all exposed areas) before going out into the sun. Children who do not bring hats will be provided with a spare hat or will need to stay in a shaded area.

  • Children must wear sun safe clothing which includes shirts and dresses that have shoulder covering sleeves (no midriff, singlet or crop tops). When on water excursions children are asked to wear sun safe swim tops that cover their back and shoulders from the sun.
  • Parents/guardians are asked to apply SPF 30+ sunscreen prior to bring their child to the service or upon arrival at the service. Sunscreen is provided at the service. Staff will reapply sunscreen to children 20 minutes prior to outdoor play in the afternoon.
  • Children are encouraged to apply their own sunscreen, under the supervision of educators, young children may need to be assisted to ensure that it is applied efficiently. Sunscreen must be applied to all areas of exposed skin.

Hand held electronic games i.e. PS2 etc. are not permitted at our services. If a child brings an electronic toy or mobile phone, staff will keep this in a safe place until families and carers arrive. Staff may also ask children to hand in certain toys should it be at risk of being damaged etc.

The YMCA NT takes no responsibility for belongings which are lost or stolen during our programs.

Our orientation process will take into account your child’s age, cultural background, interests, skills and abilities. You and your child will be invited to visit the service to meet the educators and familiarise yourselves with the environment. If you feel that more than one visit is needed you will be invited to attend as often as needed to assist with the transition process and help your child to feel safe and secure.

Throughout these visits educators will begin to build relationships with you and your child by discussing the programs, routines, the service philosophy and gathering information about you and your family.

No, you are not charged a bond but payments must be made two weeks in advance of booking.

Yes, some of our OSHC services are catered to pre-schoolers too. Please contact your school’s OSHC Co-ordinator for further details regarding the OSHC program at your school.