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Pack their holiday with fun-filled activities and adventure


What sets apart the YMCA NT’s school holiday & vacation care programs

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Immersive, fun-filled programs
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Enjoyable physical activities
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Connection with community
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Creative and cultural experiences

About our holiday programs

Our holiday and vacation care programs provide multiple incursions and excursions based on the interests of children and requests from parents, guardians and your school community.

Our incursions and excursions are designed to cater to a variety of interests so that every child feels excited, wants to engage and has lots of fun!

School Holiday Programs

Driver Holiday Program

Driver Holiday Program

A nurturing and welcoming holiday program that is designed to connect young people with the community in fun ways! The school holiday program at Driver is designed to incorporate a variety of experiences so that every child can have fun, no matter their passions and interests. A truly inclusive holiday program that is fun to the core!

Bradshaw Holiday Program

Bradshaw Holiday Program

An immersive and highly engaging program, made for the Alice Springs community. The program brings young people together in inspiring and exciting ways. It’s a great way to make new friends!

Action Break Holiday Program

Rosebery Holiday Program

A dynamic and diverse program guaranteed to bring the Rosebery school community together for a holiday blast! Our program offers a range of daily activities, incursions and excursions to keep your child active, engaged and having fun!


Educator to child ratios: 1:15 (school age), 1:11 (preschool age). Ratios vary depending on support needs of children enrolled and the planned activities. Higher ratios implemented during water based excursions.

OSHC will open from 7.30am-6.00pm. Children must be at the venue by 8.15am on excursion days.

OSHC will open from 6.30am-6.00pm. Children must be at the venue by 8.15am on excursion days.

Please dress your child in clothing that is appropriate for the type of activity that they will be taking in part in each day, as specified in the program schedule. For activities taking place outside, please ensure that your child is wearing sun-safe clothing and brings a hat with them to wear too. Please ensure adequate footwear each day. No bare feet or thongs.

Please provide a healthy packed lunch, snacks and drink bottle every day. Please provide enough food for the entire school day.

Morning and afternoon tea will be provided. No spending money is permitted

Hand held and all electronic devices i.e ipads, phones, ipods, PS2 etc. are not permitted at the centre. If a child brings an electronic toy or mobile device, staff will keep this in a safe place until families arrive.

Yes, if you are enrolling your child on days when excursions are taking place, you will be asked to complete an excursion permission form. Excursion permission forms can be downloaded and submitted via the enrolment system on this website. If you have trouble downloading your form, please contact us directly and we will email you the enrolment form to complete.

Fees begin from $65 a day. Incursion and excursion fees are dependent on the particular activity and will be advertised for each vacation care period. Late pick up fees is $15 per 15 minute increments

Commonwealth Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is available to eligible families

In accordance with the application for enrolment procedure we may be able to provide additional educator support to include children with additional needs and children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Prior to booking, please discuss your specific circumstances with the service coordinator.

Please provide all necessary medications, asthma inhalers, spacers, Epipens/ Anapens, etc. Speak to educators and complete necessary paperwork on arrival.

Medical action plans and risk minimisation plans must be completed and submitted with enrolment forms.

Individual Anaphylaxis Medical Action Plans will be displayed where all staff can readily access them.

All families to be aware that children at risk of anaphylaxis will be attending the vacation care program. Please be aware of the various allergies that children suffer from, for example: peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, sesame seeds

A risk minimization plan is required to be developed for all children who have been diagnosed with anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes or any other medical condition in consultation with educators on enrolment.

YMCA has the right to remove or refuse further participation of any child whose behaviour is deemed to be inappropriate. Bullying, bad language and harassment of other children and educators will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

School holiday program queries

If you have any questions about our School Holiday Programs, please do not hesitate to contact us
Tammy Nai Smith

Tammy Nai Smith - OSHC Area Manager