Our Values & Beliefs

YMCA NT believes in the power of inspired young people.


Our Values


We encourage everyone to be truthful in what they say and do.


We believe in the importance of sincere kindness and empathy for all.


We value equality and inclusion for all.


We believe in accountability and being responsible role models.


We believe that for a young person to be inspired, they must feel safe and be safe.

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Our Philosophy

Inspiring a love of learning, in every child

The YMCA NT shares a very important mission with schools:
to inspire an enduring love of learning in every child, which can have a profoundly beneficial impact not only on the children themselves, but on society as a whole.

When providing outside-of-school-hours care, our role complements and reflects the values of the schools we work with. However, in seeking to inspire the love of learning beyond 2pm, what we do is very different:

  • Our focus on play, creativity and connection for children in our care helps them to develop their own interests and to create their own understandings of the world around them.
  • Our tailormade approach is imaginative and inspiring, caring and creative, fearless and fun, recognising the uniqueness of every child.
  • Our focus on immersing children in our rich, local culture aims to inspire children from every background in our care to feel free to seek, to explore, to grow, to be, and to belong.

Our Purpose

The YMCA NT OSHC programs and experiences are designed to inspire a lifelong love of learning of children in our care. This mission aligns with our organisational belief in the ‘power of inspired young people’, which underpins everything we do and stand for at the YMCA NT.

We believe that inspiring young people can have a profound impact on the trajectory of their lives, as well as the lives of those around them and the communities in which they live.

We believe in treating every young person with empathy and fairness, acknowledging their talents, helping them see possibilities, and equipping them with the confidence to overcome challenges.